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GV Bikes

How did the project start?

Kernel IT Services’ founder George Hodges is the youngest of the GV Bikes family. From a young age he would help in the shop at the weekend’s and played a major part in the redesign of the showroom. In 2013, George took control of GV’s website which had been built a number of years prior and was quickly looking outdated compared the competitors. George decided to completely redesign the website, which is where he grew his interest in web design.

Over the years, the website had gone through multiple facelifts, with the latet iteration launching in 2018.

GV Bikes Graphic With Man Ultra
GV Bikes RE Page

Website Features

  • Built on our fully responsive WordPress-based platform
  • Catalogue shop to display all the motorcycle and scooter models which GV sell
  • Bold colours and image-led design
  • On a more technical side, it makes extensive use of SVG images which are infinitely resizable (always looking crisp) whilst staying comparitvely small to scaler graphics in file size
  • Highly search optimised using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools


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