Affordable Device Maintenance & Upgrades

Supercharge your device without spending a fortune

We’ll Get You Up To Speed

Computers are a necessity in many people’s lives and there is nothing more frustrating than when they aren’t doing what you expect. We’ll use our extensive knowledge to get you back up to speed again.

Our maintenance and upgrade services include but is not limited to:

  • General Windows speed up (Without hardware work)
  • Upgrading from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10/11
  • Giving your device a speed boost by upgrading the internals
  • Replacing faulty parts
  • Upgrading to a bigger hard disk
  • Dust removal
  • Upgrading to a new device and moving your data across

For all our services, we provide a free assessment – Contact us.

  • Assessment of your device(s)
  • Summarise what we can do

General Windows Servicing & Upgrades


Sometimes it’s not the hardware that’s slowing you down. Windows can slow down significantly over time as it clogs itself up with unnecessary files and gets stuck behind on updates. We can:

  • Clean your device of unnecessary files
  • Install a fresh copy of Windows
  • Disable services that are slowing your device down

Windows Upgrades

Still running Windows 7? Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 in January 2020, meaning they are no longer releasing updates to the OS.

Running an out of date operating system can lead to viruses and expose your personal data to the internet.

We can take care of all Windows 7 or 8 upgrades to Windows 10 or 11

Upgrading can be a stressful procedure, but be assured we always take a backup of all your data prior to upgrading to ensure peace of mind.

Contact us for a quote.

Hardware Maintenance

We’ve heard it a thousand times – “I only bought this laptop a few years ago, why is it so slow?!”.

Windows devices can be found for as little as £200 on the market these days, and although out the box they may run well, after only a few short years, they can suddenly seem very bogged down and unresponsive from even the simplest of tasks, such as opening a web browser.

We’ll perform a free assessment on your device to establish what we can do to get you back up to speed. We’ll always aim to upgrade your current device, but if that is simply not possible, we can point you towards a suitable replacement.

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What about Apple Macs?

The majority of post 2013 Apple products (MacBook’s, iMacs) are not upgradable. Pre 2013 machines are usually upgradable and we have performed upgrades on iMacs before.

We still provide free assessments on Apple machines, however it is generally unlikely that we will be able to upgrade any components.

If an upgrade is determined to be possible, we can price a specialised quote.

If a replacement is required, we can suggest suitable options and provide data transfer services to new devices.

Hardware Upgrades

Samsung SSD Upgrade Kernel IT Services

Perhaps you need a bit more power in your device, or you’re simply running out of room for all your important files?

Here at Kernel IT Services, we can upgrade most of the components in Windows desktops and laptops (dependant on the device).

If you just want more speed and aren’t completely sure what it is you need to upgrade, we’ll perform our free assessment to establish what it is that needs to be done. We never perform any upgrades without first consulting the customer.

Some of our many services include:

  • Upgrade the drive to a larger capacity and/or replace it with a much speedier modern SSD
  • Upgrade your machine’s RAM, so you can run more programs at once
  • Upgrading the CPU, literally giving your device more power
  • Adding additional ports to your device (Desktop only)


We want our services to be affordable to everyone, so if you’ve been given a cheaper quote, please contact us and we’ll try to match it.

General Windows speed up (No hardware work) and dust clean start at £35.00 (each).

Upgrade to Windows 10/11 starts at £50.00 + license costs.

Basic device hardware work, including drive upgrades/replacement and RAM upgrades start at £40.00 + hardware costs.

More specialised hardware work, including CPU upgrades and adding ports start at £60.00 + hardware costs.

The above prices are only intended to provide a rough idea of what a service will cost. Final price is dependant on type (laptop or desktop) and make/model of device.

We can also provide specialised temporary on-site IT support and services at your company for larger projects (for example, upgrading multiple machines to a newer version of Windows). This is priced on a case by case basis.

Contact us for a more personalised quote.

  • Discounts available for charities and bulk orders
  • Free assessment on all devices
  • Professional, affordable services

In the event that a device is known to be particularly difficult to work on, we reserve the right to add an additional fee to cover the extra labour. We will always however quote you this additional fee prior to work so you don’t need to worry about unexpected bills.